Gardens Intelligently Designed and Maintained for the NY Capital District.

Welcome. Habitat Garden Design is a husband and wife owned and operated business that has been building and maintaining gardens since 2001. We create simple, livable landscapes that are easy to maintain. We can help you with any aspect of your project, from consultation to design, installation to maintenance. 

Native plants are used extensively, but not exclusively, in our designs. Natives are very useful to attract wildlife and create a sense of place that is unique to our region. Wildlife gardens are composed of plants and features that are attractive to birds, butterflies and beneficial insects, which provide another dimension of interest for us humans.

We love to plant trees.  Often we look for trees beyond the usual, seeking out locally grown stock that has been well cared for. We personally select every tree that we plant, allowing us to avoid many common tree problems, as well as pick out the truly outstanding specimens. We are also pruning experts, well educated in plant physiology and proper pruning methods. Tree planting is for the long term, make sure it’s done right!

Fruit trees and vegetable gardens  add another level of delight to your landscape.

We are great landscape problem-solvers. Put our minds to work for you solving those intractable problems that have been bothering you for years. Erosion, soggy soil, deer browse, excessive shade-all of these have effective solutions.


Thank you for visiting our website. Please read more about us, look over our photo gallery and guestbook, then check our list of services. When you’re ready, contact us to set up a meeting and a free estimate.